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This is what Leonsis wrote on his blog, “Ted’s Take,” about Friday night’s disgusting display: “I am sure we will be hearing more about the game and its aftermath. We play again tonight at home against the Florida Panthers. Go Caps — I am proud of the way we handled ourselves and the way we played last night.”

Sort of like the reaction Holtby’s teammates had Friday night in Philadelphia.

I wondered where his teammates were while Holtby was getting assaulted, and was told the referee waved them off when they attempted to go to his aid. I wrote on Facebook, “they must be really tough referees to stop those tough Capitals players from helping him” — my point being there was one priority and one priority alone, to protect your teammate there, even if someone armed with a whistle is trying to stop you.

Which elicited another response from Leonsis: “Thom — you are making a fool out of yourself? Why are you doing so? What is the motivation.”

How about disgust? Outrage? I guess I just don’t understand this beautiful game of hockey.

By the way, if we’re talking about making a fool out of yourself, here is Exhibit A, courtesy of Leonsis‘ really important basketball team, after the Wizards won three straight games in April 2011, on his blog: “A new big three has announced its arrival — (John) Wall, (Jordan) Crawford and (Andray) Blatche.”

I guess I don’t understand basketball, either.

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