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There’s a fine line, we suppose, between teasing and hazing and abuse. Those with a reasonable mind ought to be able to tell the difference. Incognito clearly doesn’t seem to have a reasonable mind. Despite his problems at Nebraska, Oregon and with the Rams, he still doesn’t seem to get it.

Bullying, even among big, strong men who play football for a living, is unacceptable. It’s why Incognito ought to be given a permanent pass out of the NFL and why he should be joined by any coaches who in any way condoned such behavior. We get that pro football is a “macho” world. That doesn’t mean it has to be or should be a cruel world.

If a coach did indeed ask Incognito to try and toughen up Martin and is surprised by what happened, he’s probably too dumb to be coaching anyway. Given Incognito’s history, why would you even think of doing that?

Of course, given Incognito’s history why would you even think of bringing him into your locker room anyway? But that’s another issue altogether.

Let’s hope coaches everywhere, at the high school, collegiate and professional levels, are having a lot of conversations this week and figuring out if they have a similar problem. If they do, let’s hope they handle it swiftly. If they don’t, let’s hope they take steps to make sure they don’t have one in the future.