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“What’s been bothering me is kind of things that you hear from outside this locker room about things that maybe undermine the integrity or the leadership or the type of players and the class of guys that we have here and the class of this organization,” defensive end Cameron Wake said. “I’ve been here five years and coach Philbin has done nothing but turn this organization in a positive direction from top to bottom.”

Wide receiver Brian Hartline said seeing the franchise take hits over the saga was difficult to bear.

“Now we’re able to say our opinion and protect ourselves from being bullied by you guys because we weren’t talking,” Hartline said. “We weren’t fighting back. We never said a word. We had to sit back and listen for a couple of days. We’re kind of tired of it.”

Clabo said there’s a way the offensive linemen treat one another, that no one is exempt from the ribbing and that it’s done to keep the mood light in the room.

“You have to earn the trust of your teammates in this league,” Clabo said. “No one is going to walk in the door and just automatically be somebody that you want to go into a game with and believe and trust and know that that person’s going to be there when he’s supposed to be there. Those things have to be earned.”

At this point, it’s unknown if Martin will have that trust _ or even if he’ll return to the Dolphins, period.

Tannehill said that if either Martin or Incognito returned, he would be inclined to try to move on from this saga.

“All I know about Richie is he’s a great teammate to me,” Tannehill said. “I saw him being a great teammate all the time. Does he like to give guys a hard time? Yes. Does he like to pester guys and have fun? Yes. But he brought a lot of laughter to this locker room, he brought a lot of cohesiveness to this locker room and he was the best teammate that I could ask for.”


AP Sports Writer Steven Wine in Davie, Fla. contributed.