- - Thursday, November 7, 2013


It’s amazing to hear all the things President Obama supposedly doesn’t know. For example, Mr. Obama said he was not aware that his federal government was smuggling assault weapons to Mexico. He denied that he came up with a “red line” on Syria, no matter what the video clips show. Mr. Obama claimed he didn’t know the story of Joe Soptic, the man who, in an Obama presidential-campaign ad, blamed Mitt Romney for his wife’s death.

Mr. Obama now tells Americans that he had no idea there would be problems with the Obamacare website. He said he did not know that the Benghazi killings were not committed over an anti-Islam video. He also claimed not to know that the Benghazi terrorist-attack survivors have been forbidden from talking to Congress or the media.

Further, Mr. Obama claims he didn’t know about the alleged IRS targeting of Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations, his political opponents. He apparently “didn’t know” that his National Security Agency was spying on world leaders, including the pope.

Mr. Obama may be Sgt. Schultz of “Hogan’s Heroes” to some, and Captain Oblivious to others. Personally, I think he makes every other president in history look honest.


Manteca, Calif.



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