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In 2007, firearms and hunting writer and TV personality Jim Zumbo published a blog entry in which he declared his support for a ban on sporting rifles, or assault rifles, for hunting. The reaction from the gun community was swift, with Mr. Zumbo losing several business sponsorships, and shortly afterward the Outdoor Channel put his show, “Jim Zumbo Outdoors,” on hiatus.

In 2012, Jerry Tsai, editor of the magazine Recoil, wrote in an article about an automatic weapon that said the gun was not available to civilians “for good reason.” Immediately after, boycotts were launched, with advertisers pulling out of the magazine at a rapid rate. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Tsai resigned as the publication’s editor.

Though the past few days have damaged Mr. Metcalf’s image to a large portion of his audience, all hope might not be lost. After extensively apologizing for his comments, expressing his opposition to gun control, and spending time using assault-rifle type guns, Mr. Zumbo returned to his program and has since largely recovered his image in the gun community.

Mr. Pincus, however, has his doubts as to whether or not a return to the norm is in Mr. Metcalf’s future.

“He provided a great service to the firearms community as a reviewer of guns. But he has been in this industry a long time. The opinions he expressed in this piece were fundamental, not a misunderstanding about a piece of equipment like in the Zumbo situation,” Mr. Pincus said. “This could be awfully hard to recover from.”