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Sophomore Jake Layman says the big men on his team, the ones who do the “dirty work,” as Cleare put it, are ready.

“They’ve worked pretty hard these past two weeks,” Layman said. “There’s no reason they’re not ready for this game right now. They know what they’re going to be facing, so they’re ready.”

Cleare’s also ready to change his luck at Barclays Center. The last time the Terps played in Brooklyn, they returned home with a disappointing 72-69 loss to Kentucky.

“I think last year going into Barclays we weren’t that prepared,” Cleare said. “I just don’t think we were that confident. But this year we are much more aggressive, ready to go.

“This team could be really, really good this year but it’s up to us. We’ve got to execute. … It’s time to turn on the lights now; practice is done.”