- Associated Press - Friday, November 8, 2013

AVONDALE, ARIZ. (AP) - NASCAR is looking to tweak the Gen-6 car for next season.

Whatever they do, Jeff Burton wants it to create closer racing.

Not necessarily more passing and certainly not more wrecking, just the ability for the cars to race closer together.

“Fans want to see more action,” Burton said from Phoenix International Raceway on Friday. “They want to see more intense racing. The only way to do that is get the cars closer together. We talked about making it easier to pass. Well, if you make it easier to pass, are the cars really going to be closer together? Do we really want to make it easier to pass? I think the reason Martinsville is so much fun to watch and do is because it is hard to pass.”

One of the criticisms of the Gen-6 car is that it creates single-file racing and makes passing difficult, putting a premium on track position instead of racing ability. It’s also led to wrecks _ some intentional, some not _ as drivers try finding ways to get around the cars in front of them.

“Tire marks down the side of cars is cool. That kind of close racing is what we need to be pushing for, but it’s hard to do,” Burton said. “A 1.5-mile track running 190 mph into Turn 1, it’s kind of hard to be rubbing tires. We have got to find a way to have cars that can race close together, can race harder to put on more exciting racing.”



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