- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chelsea Clinton says her parents have not just pressured her to have a baby — they’ve begged, pleaded and entreated.

And they’re completely unapologetic about the blatant pressure, tossing aside their normally diplomatic attitudes, she said, as the Daily Mail reported.

“They would tell you without blinking an eye that it would make them the happiest thing on earth if I were to make them grandparents,” she said. “It’s unapologetic.”

In contrast, Ms. Clinton said her in-laws are much more laid back on the notion of grandchildren.

“My husband has 10 brothers and sisters, so we have 18, almost 19, nieces and nephews, so there’s not pressure from that side of the family,” she said in the Daily Mail report.

Ms. Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky married in 2010. She made national headlines a few weeks ago when she told a Glamour magazine writer that 2014 was “the Year of the Baby” and that she planned to be pregnant before that year’s end.




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