- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 10, 2013

By 2058, some of the world’s most populated cities will become virtual ghost towns because of irreversible human-induced climate-change devastation, a new study asserts.

Published this week, the University of Hawaii study, reported by the Daily Mail, says hundreds of millions will flee the rising temperatures — and moreover, it’s too late to stop the scenario from unfolding. It can only be delayed, researchers said.

And watch out, New Yorkers: The insufferable temperatures are supposed to hit the Big Apple early, by about 2047. Dramatic temperature shifts will then make Los Angeles unlivable by 2048 and London by 2056, the report said.

But taking some action now to curb greenhouse gas emission levels could keep New York hopping until 2072 and London until 2088, the Daily Mail said.

Also on the list of wiped-out cities: Honolulu; Phoenix; San Diego; Orlando, Fla.; Washington; Detroit; Houston; Chicago; Seattle; Austin, Texas; and Dallas.

The study was published in the online journal Nature. Study leader Camilo Mora suggested those seeking to settle someplace safe ought to consider Alaska. His findings indicated that Anchorage won’t be dramatically impacted by unlivable hot temperatures until 2071. The study also says it has a margin of error of five years on the estimates.





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