- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 10, 2013

Emerging details about the viral videotaped motorcycle gang attack on one New York City SUV driver and his terrified family revealed in court on Wednesday that not only did an undercover detective witness the scene as it unfolded — he also allegedly took part in the beat-down.

New York Police Detective Wojciech Braszczok stood before a judge on Wednesday on felony gang-assault charges, after investigation found — via video — that he was allegedly one of the motorcycle riders who helped smash into the SUV driver’s windows and drag him from the vehicle. Still, in court, the detective was allowed to keep his face hidden from the public due to his undercover status, The New York Post reported.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Tamiko Amaker banned photographers from taking the officer’s picture in court, siding with the defense attorney’s claim that such exposure “would jeopardize his life and his family.”

Attorney John Arlia said, The Post reported: “My client has been an undercover … [officer] in the Intelligence Division of the NYPD, infiltrating various organizations.” Further, the attorney said, the detective has been feeding federal authorities undercover information for various investigations.

At the same time — go to social media, and Mr. Braszczok posts his facial photo. On Twitter, he’s pictured with a Mohawk hair style. He also posts a variety of pictures of half-dressed women and race cars, and has identified himself in his online biography a cop, The New York Post reported.

Mr. Braszczok , 32,faces up to 25 years in prison for his charges.

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