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Surveying the swelling crowd of demonstrators, Michael Burke, 56, said the three-pronged focus of Sunday’s rally was “veterans, impeachment and the truckers.”

“Never before has the Park Service tried to physically block access,” the Baltimore resident said, adding that he attended Sunday’s rally on behalf of Gun Rights Across America. “We’re here in part to reach out to Congress and show them this political pandering is toying with the public. This is just a political ploy to cause pain and annoyance.”

Some demonstrators chanted and sang patriotic songs. As he shook hands with passers-by and accepted well-wishes, Howard County, Md., resident and World War II veteran Mike Lauriente, 91, said when he first heard about the park closure, “I thought it was a disgrace. This is so important and it’s disgraceful they closed a park like this,” he said. “Congressmen have a gym open, but a memorial like this is closed.”

D.C. police blocked vehicular traffic along 17th Street Southwest between Constitution and Independence avenues as some of the trucks from the weekend rally attempted to make their way to the Mall.

Bob Root, of Shady Grove, Fla., said he drove in early last week, stopping at truck rest areas along the way to spread the message of the weekend’s events to drivers.

“We got very positive support,” Mr. Root said. “We want the Constitution restored. That’s our big thing. We’re tired of the overreaching government getting involved in every facet of life.”

Mr. Root stood next to a pickup truck with an attached trailer that held a double-sided white canvas for people to write messages. Some were well-wishes for veterans, while others criticized the federal government.

Helping to hand out fliers with Mr. Root was fellow Floridian Steve Hunter.

“There’s no doubt it’s growing,” said Mr. Hunter of Sparr, Fla., about the rally and its purpose. “But that just helps put pressure on the administration.”

Tom Tozzini, 69, a Howard County resident who served in the Navy said he had hoped for more people to attend the rally but was pleased with the message it sent.

“It’s not the size I wanted it I be, but I think we made enough noise to be noticed.”