- - Sunday, October 13, 2013


The conduct of the Park Service and the Obama administration is tantamount to a civil war mentality directed at private property — property not even under the supervision of the Park Service (“National Park rangers ordered to keep visitors out of privately run businesses,” Web, Oct. 6). Even Mount Vernon has been assaulted by those green-and-brown goblins of President Obama’s new socialist party.

I applaud the acts of civil disobedience by American citizens in sending a message to the current resident of the White House that his leadership is sorely lacking. I call upon the governors of Virginia, North Carolina and any other state that has been subjected to this travesty of justice to direct their state police to arrest any Park Service official who would dare to trespass on private property or barricade free access to its residents.

Mr. Obama’s proven ignorance of the Constitution is demonstrated no more clearly than by these acts of executive abuse. Congress is proceeding exactly the way in which the Framers intended by blunting the abuse of power by those with dictatorial intent. Mr. Obama’s impeachment is long overdue.





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