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Making room for a field will be easy compared to actually installing the field.

Bristol’s big NASCAR race is in late August. Only until after that’s complete can the football field be installed, with 8,500 tons of rock as its base.

Caldwell said track officials are confident they will have a safe and sound playing surface, despite the quick turnaround.

“As we started meeting with turf companies and engineers, we learned it is not uncommon for them to do that type of thing,” he said.

Then there is the matter of fans in the stands being close enough to the field to be able to tell what is going on down there.

Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium, which holds more than 102,000, would fit inside Bristol Motor Speedway.

“It’s not a football stadium so it’s going to be a bit different, but I think you’ll see that the sight lines are great and are going to be very similar to what you would see in a college football program maybe within 10 to 20 yards from where you would be in a football stadium,” Caldwell said.

Track officials are still working on sponsorship and television deals for the game, and banking that there will be plenty of fans looking for tickets.

“I want the state of Tennessee and the state of Virginia. I want these two big states to be a part of it,” Smith said. “It’ll be the biggest production we’ve ever attempted.”