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How much borrowing authority to give the Treasury Department. Here, the order is reversed and Republicans want a shorter extension, while Democrats want the longest time frame they can get. Mr. Reid has proposed going to the end of 2014, which would last beyond the next congressional elections.

What dents will be made to Obamacare. Possible items include stricter eligibility verification for those who would get subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, and then a repeal of some taxes or fees.

Sen. Susan M. Collins, Maine Republican, had proposed delaying a tax on medical devices — a move that has bipartisan support. But Democratic leaders and the White House have resisted changes to Mr. Obama’s Affordable Care Act, leaving Republicans to search for another concession on that subject, which is what started the conservative revolt against the spending resolution and debt ceiling in the first place.

“I’m baffled by the White House’s opposition to a two-year delay in the tax,” Ms. Collins told CNN on Monday, saying that a bipartisan group of senators had found agreement on that item, and pointing to a nonbinding vote earlier this year to repeal the tax, which garnered the support of 79 senators.

The White House has been insistent that the government reopen and the debt be raised without any conditions, repeatedly comparing Republican demands on Obamacare to hostage-taking and terrorism.

House Republicans remain a major hurdle, and conservatives said what they were hearing about the Senate deal was grim.

“I think we’ll have a hard time with our conference, with a number of members, because of the lack of Obamacare features in that,” said Rep. Charles W. Boustany Jr., Louisiana Republican.

That opposition has party leaders in both houses talking strategy, such as which chamber should go first and how many House Democrats would be needed to pass the deal there.

Jacqueline Klimas and Stephen Dinan contributed to this report.