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Mr. Geraghty observes, “Someday we’ll have a president more interested in preventing crises than winning them.”


51 percent of U.S. voters describe themselves as “centrists.”

71 percent say that when they vote, they are “voting for the lesser of two evils.”

55 percent of that group are moderates, 36 percent are Democrats and 36 percent are independents.

28 percent are Republicans, 25 percent are conservatives and 15 percent support the tea party.

48 percent of centrists say they “vote equally” for Democrats or Republicans.

36 percent of centrists overall are “hopeful” about the nation’s future; 35 percent are “anxious.”

34 percent own a firearm; 26 percent describe themselves as “pro-life.”

Source: An Esquire/NBC News survey of 2,410 registered U.S. voters conducted Aug. 5-11 and released Tuesday.

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