- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Labor unions may win the concession they’ve long sought from the Obamacare tax, if budget talks on Capitol Hill continue in their current direction.

The deal that’s emerging from Democrats would grant union members a delay in paying the reinsurance fee mandated by the health reform law, for a period of one year, The Hill reported. The tax is imposed for three years, and it’s aimed at bringing in the necessary level of revenue to keep premiums for all insurance holders low.

Union leaders say the tax will ultimately raise health insurance costs for all.

Still, all insurance holders have to pay — and opting out unions will only lead to more financial burden for others who don’t receive the same concession.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats steadfastly refuse to agree to a Republican-led quest to delay the tax on medical devices — a 2.3 percent tax that is estimated to raise about $30 billion for Obamacare in the next decade.



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