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In North Carolina, Democrats backing Sen. Kay R. Hagan have attempted to turn the issue on its head by shifting blame for the shutdown to her would-be Republican opponents.

“Thom Tillis, Mark Harris, Greg Brannon and Heather Grant should immediately bring an end to their partisan political ultimatums and do the right thing for North Carolina by ending the Republican shutdown,” said Justin Barasky, spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, in an Oct. 2 statement.

Mr. Barasky didn’t explain how any of the four Republicans would end the shutdown, given that none of them currently serves in the House or Senate.

Incumbents who attempt to hold campaign events during the shutdown also can expect an earful from the opposition, as Sen. Al Franken, Minnesota Democrat, learned before his Oct. 4 fundraising bash with singer Paul Simon.

“How out of touch is Al Franken? After Congress fails to do its job and the government shuts down, the first thing Franken does is throw a big fundraiser. He truly is the ‘Boy in the Bubble,’” Republican businessman Mike McFadden, who is seeking the GOP nod, said in a statement.

“Holding a fundraiser with yet another famous celebrity may help Al Franken’s campaign,” added Mr. McFadden, “but it isn’t going to end the shutdown.”