- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The big question on shocked witnesses’ minds, no doubt, as they watched an injured kangaroo limp and hop into a pharmacy in Melbourne Airport in Australia on Wednesday: How did he know?

Regardless, by luck or by instinct, the kangaroo apparently chose wisely during his airport wanderings. Emergency responders happened to be close enough to come to the pharmacy, and the injured animal was shortly after placed in the care of a veterinarian, The New York Times reported.

Kangaroos at this particular post is not as odd as it would seem. The property borders bushland, a common dwelling place of kangaroos. But seeing injured kangaroos stumble around the airport, and ultimately end up in the very place that can offer medical assistance, is somewhat of a shocker. And one more coincidence: The terminal where the ‘roo hopped was Qantas — a company that touts a kangaroo as a symbol and that is fondly called by Australians the “Flying Kangaroo.”

Officials said in The Times that the kangaroo — dubbed Cyrus — was probably hit by a car.



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