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Mr. Goldberg points out that it is “unknowable” yet if the problems implementing Obamacare and the shutdown will benefit the Republican Party when the 2014 and 2016 elections come calling.

“Even if the shutdown plays a big role, that would be all the more reason for Republicans to find the best and most unifying way to talk about it. Endless internecine screaming about what went wrong is exactly what President Obama wanted out of this,” Mr. Goldberg advises. “Why give it to him if it won’t produce anything worthwhile? As an intellectual or historical question, I think it’s a great thing to debate. As a political touchstone, it’s poisonous.”


“While the political factions in Washington tot up their individual wins and losses; the reputation of America once again runs out the certain loser.”

— Final assessment on the agreement, from Britain’s Daily Telegraph.


“If all else fails … more duct tape.”

— Bumper sticker spotted in Accokeek, Md.


From our that’s-a-shame desk comes word that CNN host Piers Morgan got his constitutional amendments crossed, telling CBS on Wednesday that he’s not bothered “with a family exercising their First Amendment right to defend their families with a handgun at home.”

The British personality is no fan of firearms.

“Morgan is out hawking his new book ‘Shooting Straight’ and yet he has been missing the target consistently. He doesn’t even know that it’s the Second Amendment, not the First, which affirms and protects the right to keep and bear arms,” sighs Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation.

“The First Amendment — and Morgan should know this — protects the right of free speech and the press,” he observed. “Maybe Morgan supports the right to talk about guns, but he just doesn’t support the right to own one.”

Mr. Gottlieb appeared on Mr. Morgan’s show on Monday night, incidentally. He notes that, ironically enough, the debate that ensued between guest and host actually brought in a slew of new members and contribution to the Second Amendment Foundation.

“You simply have to love Piers Morgan,” he concludes. “Trying to have a rational conversation with him about guns is like filming a recruiting commercial for the gun rights movement.”

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