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One of the biggest advantages to being a 10-member conference is the opportunity for a true round-robin schedule. Everybody plays everybody twice, once at home, once on the road.

“From a coaching perspective, playing nine at home and nine on the road, I think there will be a lot more strategic things going on,” Marquette coach Buzz Williams said. “No more playing a team just once like we did my first five years in the conference. Play somebody in January and you’re not done with them. They are on the schedule again. That’s what makes for rivalries for the fans.”

Val Ackerman, the former commissioner of the WNBA and past president of USA Basketball, takes over as commissioner and as much as she looks forward to tackling the problems of a new conference, she can’t help but look back.

“I will do everything Dave Gavitt set out to do when he led this conference as it started in 1979,” she said referring to the league’s founder and architect. “We are going to make the Big East a force in college basketball.”