Banned: Colored rubber bracelets at New York grade school

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Those colorful Rainbow Loom rubber-band bracelets that are so popular among young children are no longer welcome on school grounds, decreed a principal at an Upper West Side elementary school in New York.

They’re banned, the New York Post reported.

“The children are playing with the bracelets during the class without permission from teachers,” PS 87 principal Suzan Federici said in a letter to parents. “[They’re] playing with them at recess, and it is causing conflict between children. Therefore, starting immediately, your children are no longer allowed to bring any Rainbow Loom bracelets or the kits to school.”

Children caught with the contraband will have to give it to their teacher, the Post reported.

Parents are puzzled by the ban, calling the rubbery jewelry items simple creative fun that hearkens back to the age of friendship bracelets. And they’re arguing that the school is going too far with its new confiscation policy.

“This is ridiculous,” one parent told the Post. “There is nothing illicit about Rainbow Looms.”

One student said the reports of fighting over the bracelets were untrue. And another, an 8-year-old girl, argued: “I think it’s horrible. We should be able to have them at least at recess.”


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