- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Joining a panel on MSNBC’s “Now” with Alex Wagner, Chris Matthews questioned the use of the phrase, “We the American People,” by tea party conservatives, asking if “they still count blacks as three-fifths” of a vote.

Adding that he was pleased with President Obama’s speech Thursday morning, Mr. Matthews said, “It’s not about values. It’s not about philosophy or partisanship, they are all good — they’re how we run our country.

“It’s tactics and respect,” he said. “And what the right — the small part of the Republican Party, maybe a third of it — was willing to do was show no respect for who’s president, for the voters who elected him.”

“They have this weird ‘we’ they refer to: ‘We the American people,’” Mr. Matthews continued. “Why does a group that always loses elections, or tends to do lately, why do they call themselves the American people? Do they still count blacks as three-fifths? Three-fifths of a vote?”

“There’s this ‘we’ I’m very worried about,” he concluded. “Like we’re more American than the rest. We should get a higher weighting to who ‘we’ are? I think it’s dangerous, and it goes with the birther stuff and all the rest of it.”



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