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“In VDOT, we have districts and regions. One of ‘em’s gonna go under me,” he said. “We’ve got two layers of middle management. We do not need that. It doesn’t serve Virginia well. They don’t even overlap properly. So we’re going to wipe out one entire level of that management — don’t know whether it’ll be the regions or the districts, doesn’t matter a lot to me. We’ll take a look at which one is more relevant to the day-to-day functioning of VDOT.”

He said he might hold online town halls for the public during the final weeks of the campaign and, to the extent he can, continue a heavy focus on individualized voter outreach.

“I really prefer that kind of campaigning,” he said. “It’s hard for me to do in a statewide race because Virginia is so big and it’s hard to reach a significant fraction of them personally.”

But with the campaign entering its final weeks, Mr. Cuccinelli said he expects voters will pay more attention to the issues and see he is the better choice for governor.

“The truth is our friend,” he said, “And people will tune in. Active attention by a voter goes a long way.”