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For sale: the Morton-Sizemore House, a Queen Anne mansion built in 1885 on Kerr Lake in Clarksville, Va. Five bedrooms, four baths, 4,000 square feet on two acres; “significant architectural features throughout,” eight fireplaces, two parlors, three kitchens, smoke house, guest cottage, separate office building with two bedrooms, 1 bath. $350,000, through


83 percent of tea partyers say they are conservatives; 64 percent of Republicans also say they are conservatives.

52 percent of tea partyers say their movement is “separate and independent of the Republican Party“; 51 percent of Republicans and 41 percent of Democrats agree.

41 percent of tea partyers say they are part of the Republican Party; 32 percent of Republicans and 48 percent of Democrats agree.

28 percent of tea partyers say House Speaker John A. Boehner is “leader of the GOP“; 21 percent of Republicans agree.

23 percent of tea partyers “don’t know” who the GOP leader is; 39 percent of Republicans agree.

18 percent of tea partyers say Sen. Ted Cruz is the GOP leader; 9 percent of Republicans agree.

15 percent of tea partyers say “nobody” is the GOP leader; 15 percent of Republicans agree.

Source: A Pew Research Center poll of 1,504 U.S. adults conducted Oct. 9 to 13.

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