- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Famed prankster Johnny Knoxville claims he was slipped an ecstasy pill in his beer at a fraternity party during a photo shoot for his new movie, “Bad Grandpa.”

A TMZ cameraman caught the actor as he was on his way to have stitches removed from his hand.

“I ruptured a tendon in my hand shooting a promo for ‘Bad Grandpa’ at a frat house,” Mr. Knoxville said. “Someone dosed me with ecstasy and after that the wheels fell off.”

When asked how the injury occurred, Mr. Knoxville flippantly replied, “Who knows.”

“Are you still high right now?” TMZ asked.

“I wish,” he said. “I wasn’t mad at all. I hadn’t done it since my twenties. I was like ‘this is awesome.’”



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