- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Ohio woman was charged with petty theft after she was caught stealing $2.87 in change from a Logan County Courthouse fountain last week.

Deidre Romine said she was fishing the change out of the fountain to buy food when an officer approached her, a local television station reported.

“The cop asked me what I was doing and I was afraid to tell him,” she told WBNS-10TV. “The money didn’t belong to anybody, so I just took it out of there.”

The officer found the stolen change in her pocket and issued her a summons to appear in court.

“I’m trying to feed myself and I’ve got four cats I’m raising and trying to feed them,” she said. “I might go to jail.”

A man named Will Zell launched an online fund to help Miss Romine and her case manager.

“We want the community to know the why rather than just the headline that she got arrested, and we also want to help her out,” he said.

The fund had already raised $5,740 — nearly 30 times the initial goal — by Thursday afternoon.



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