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“You start to look across the Cup Series with the major sponsors and we need to keep them in the business across the long run,” Penske said. “We looked at going into markets twice, in fact, it was my idea, let us have those markets we got into a second time and give us a chance to bring in another world-class company. We have a number of people very interested in getting on with Brad.”

NASCAR’s top Sprint Cup Series visits 13 tracks twice a season, and Keselowski, the rare driver who pays close attention to the business side of the sport, said MillerCoors will increase its activity when it’s not on the hood of his car.

“It was Penske Racing that asked Miller to consider these options. We could have done exactly what we’ve done and had Miller come back long-term with 36 races,” he said. “But it was driven the other way, strategically, to open up races and increase the expenditure. Miller will now move it over to activation, and what’s going to happen in the long-term is there is going to be an increase in revenue in the sport, not a decrease.

“This is a huge strategic play that with the naked eye looks like a reduction, but I can assure you it’s not a reduction. It’s actually an increase to the sport. That might sound like spin, but there’s a strategic play here.”

There’s always a plan in play with Penske and Keselowski, and they executed this one to perfection.

“We’ve put Brad now in step with Miller far into the future, he fits the mold that they want. He’s open, he’s certainly willing to speak his piece, that’s what Miller wants, an athlete willing to represent their brand,” Penske said.

Joey Logano, the driver Keselowski recommended Penske hire as his teammate, earned his first career berth in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship in his debut season with the organization. He’s got two years remaining on his contract and sponsor Shell-Pennzoil is in a long-term deal. Penske is also in the first year of a five-year manufacturer contract with Ford.