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The Bears ran 50 plays Sunday. Throw in some punts and kick returns and there were a lot of tackles to be made. Lots of tackles are made every week that aren’t flagged. If the rules are so darn confusing, wouldn’t others be similarly affected?

Why does it always seem to be the same guy?

Meriweather, in the contrite mode, doesn’t think he’s being targeted.

“I don’t want to say that,” he said. “I would hope not. I think they’re trying to be safe. I think the only way to be safe is to do what they’re doing. At the same time, this is tackle football. A job of a safety is to instill fear. “

Which can be done with hard, legal tackles that many others in the league seem to be able to make every week.

Teammate Barry Cofield said a reputation can follow you and be hard to shake. There’s no question Meriweather has a reputation. Cofield offered a comparison to the Lions’ Ndamukong Suh, who has also seen his bank account take significant hits.

“Yeah, I just heard somebody make some comments about that, that they were kind of after him and then I was just connecting that to Meriweather as far as I do think you get a reputation and they are kind of quick to flag you or quick to fine you if you do have that track record.”

Meriweather is 29, in his seventh year in the league. The rep can indeed be hard to shake. Perhaps he’d be better off learning the right way to tackle. He should have some time off coming to do some observing.

He darn near hurt his team Sunday when his second penalty put the Bears on the Redskins’ 7 and led to their go-ahead touchdown. Worse, he could hurt himself or someone else very badly.

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who has had his share of personal fouls but seems to have a grip on legal tackling, said there is indeed confusion out there. He called it an offensive league. He doesn’t see it getting any better.

“Unless you want to just two-hand touch guys, it is going to be tough in the coming years,” Hall said. “I’m glad I’m on the way out. I won’t have to deal with this mess.”