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Sen. Marco Rubio, meanwhile, plans to file legislation delaying the individual mandate under Obamacare until the Government Accountability Office certifies that the Obamacare exchange website actually works.

“It is not fair that next year Americans will be punished for not buying Obamacare when the website they are supposed to buy it on doesn’t work,” the Florida Republican says. “The legislation, which will be introduced when the U.S. Senate reconvenes next week, would delay the individual mandate until six months after the GAO certifies the websites and all other sign-up options — phone, mail, fax — are fully functional,” Mr. Rubio explains. “Thereafter, it exempts people from paying the mandate fines if they can prove that they tried to sign up but could not because of technical or customer service issues.”


In exactly 10 weeks, it will be 2014. Republicans should consider that Organizing for America, the aggressive grass-roots group that grew out of President Obama’s 2012 campaign, has accrued $21 million in donations since January.

“The nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of President Obama’s agenda, raked in another $7.7 million during the third quarter of 2013, bringing its total for the year to nearly $21 million so far,” reports Brandon Conradis, an analyst for Open Secrets, a watchdog blog that tracks campaign donations.

“The top donor this quarter was Getty Oil heiress Anne Getty Earhart, who gave $150,000,” he says, noting other $100,000 contributors in the same time period. They are Silicon Valley software maven Evan Goldberg, Olan Mills II — yes, the heir to the portrait photography franchise — and — Ian Simmons, the husband of Hyatt Hotels heiress Liesel Pritzker Simmons.

The uber donors this year are Fred Eychaner, CEO of Newsweb, and David Shaw, founder of the hedge fund DE Shaw & Co. Each, each gave $500,000.


“When we’re together, we live together. Partly in Washington, partly in Charleston. Now it’s difficult, but until last year he would come to Buenos Aires.”

So says Maria Belen Chapur, the fiancee of Rep. Mark Sanford, South Carolina Republican and former governor of the Palmetto State, on their relationship.

“We met in 2001 in Uruguay and for 10 years we were friends. It was strictly friendship. In fact, I would get a Christmas card with their family photo. You can see the mails and there’s nothing more there but friendship,” Ms. Chapur told Infobae, a media company in her native Argentina.

The lawmaker divorced his wife, Jenny Sanford, in 2008. Ms. Chapur is a divorced mother of two who was a TV journalist and still writes an occasional column.


56 percent of Americans say the problem with the online rollout of Obamacare is a “sign of broader problems”; 83 percent of Republicans and 35 percent of Democrats agree.

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