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Then he got hurt. Morris emerged as a standout last season, rushing for 1,613 yards. Helu was left to rehab, watch and wonder. Would he be able to make it back?

“Absolutely, thoughts come up in your mind,” Helu said. “You have to rebuke them and move on to something greater than that.”

That mission seems to have been accomplished. And though Helu got all the end-zone glory, Morris seemed genuinely pleased.

“I’m so happy that he got those three touchdowns,” Morris said. “He deserves it. He really works hard. When he does get in there, he goes all out.

“I don’t mind it at all. Do I need breathers and stuff? Not really. I feel like I can play the entire game. But like I said, Roy deserves to get in there and get some reps. I’m glad to go out of there and let him go in.”

Through the first three games, Helu had only one rushing attempt and five receptions. He’s had at least 41 rushing yards in each of the past three games along with seven receptions. So it isn’t like he re-emerged against the Bears. What made the game stand out were the touchdowns. All three of them.

“It was good, it felt good just to respond in the way I was able to,” Helu said. “I hardly felt any hinderance with my surgery from last season, which was really encouraging.”