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Pennsylvania mulls ‘In God We Trust’ plaques at all schools

- The Washington Times - Friday, October 25, 2013

A lawmaker in Pennsylvania is pushing for the same motto on the nation's currency to be placed on prominent display at all of the schools in the state: "In God We Trust."

Republican Rep. Rick Saccone sponsored the bill, and it's already passed the House Education Committee, 14-9, Fox News reported. Called the National Motto Display Act, the bill is aimed at promoting history, Mr. Saccone said.

"It's 500-to-1 back home; people are for it," he said, Fox News reported. "I'm sure the media's going to try to beat it down. That's par for the course.

The bill recognizes former Pennsylvania governor James Pollock, a 19th century leader, for adding the motto to coins during his service as U.S. Mint director.

The bill specifically calls for all schools in the state to post the motto on a plaque, piece of artwork or by some similar means.

Mr. Saccone has previously sponsored a "day of prayer" resolution that called for April 30 to be named "National Fast Day," akin to what President Lincoln declared 150 years ago, Fox News reported.

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