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How rare was it?

The last time a big league game ended on an obstruction call was 2004, when umpire Paul Emmel said Seattle shortstop Jose Lopez blocked Carl Crawford’s sightline. Emmel was the first base umpire Saturday night.

Longtime Red Sox fans remember a noncall that went against them in the 1975 World Series. In Game 3, Cincinnati’s Ed Armbrister bunted in the 10th inning and bumped into catcher Carlton Fisk. There was no interference called, Fisk made a wild throw and Joe Morgan hit a winning single.

Watching from the dugout Saturday night, St. Louis manager Mike Matheny wasn’t sure what to think.

Matheny had seen umpires reverse a call in Game 1 that cost the Cardinals. He’d seen Craig trip and was ready to argue. And he also saw Craig down in the dirt after re-injuring his foot.

“We were wanting to celebrate, but we see a guy laying there and it’s all confusing,” Matheny said Sunday. “And we see the umpires come together, and that didn’t work out real good for us last time.”

“We got inside the clubhouse, and it was still kind of that somber mood,” he said. “And Chris Carpenter yelled out real loud, `Hey, boys, we just won a World Series game!’”