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Not surprisingly, there is a chapter titled “Barack Obama, the most successful gun salesman in history.” That award previously went to Bill Clinton, whose signing of the Brady Bill and the “assault weapons” ban, now expired, motivated citizens to buy more firearms than ever before in American history.

While President Obama is far more radical than Mr. Clinton on the issue, he has had no success in getting bills passed in Congress, although he is trying his best with executive diktats. But justifiable fear of what Mr. Obama would like to do has sent gun sales to record highs.

If the book’s subtitle asserting that “Obama Wants to Take” your gun sounds like a cliche, just consult Appendix A, a secret 2013 Justice Department memo stating that gun-control policies cannot be implemented without a ban on many firearms and the registration of those that are not banned, which would allow even the latter to be confiscated.

Mr. Obama just hasn’t had the votes in Congress to support his clear agenda, which he expressed as an Illinois and a U.S. legislator, to ban guns.

Stephen P. Halbrook’s latest book is “Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and ‘Enemies of the State’” (Independent Institute, 2013).