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Mr. Albasha insisted the U.S. Embassy in Yemen was not under assault.

By 6:28 p.m., he tweeted the cause of the chaos.

“The explosions heard near [the] US Embassy in Sanaa were wedding fireworks. Police detained persons who set the fireworks,” he said.

The fireworks were set off about 2 miles from the embassy.

However, at 7:04, the AP still clung to a possible blockbuster.

“Yemeni security officials said that an explosion followed by what sounded like heavy gunfire had been heard near the U.S. Embassy Monday, but government spokesmen later said that the blast was fireworks from a wedding procession,” the AP reported.

An hour later, Mr. Albasha teased the journalists.

“To all my Washingtonian followers Umm I’m sorry for the ‘explosive’ wedding/ending to your Monday,” he wrote. “Have a good one.”

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