- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 3, 2013

Attractive women wearing nothing but a smile and flesh-colored underwear emblazoned with the motto “Are You Covered?” strolled the most popular shopping areas of Denver in the name of the Affordable Care Act this week. Oh, and there were blondes in the shortest of short shorts plus muscular young men in gray flannel boxers — and that is all — also on parade. They sported beribboned signs reading “Without health insurance, you’re exposed.”

The earnest models were handing out information to startled passers-by, hired by Colorado HealthOP, a nonprofit insurance company eager to get the message about the new health care law to the public. Some of the locals were not impressed.

“So now we have to dress like Miley Cyrus to sell Obamacare?” asked Kelly Maher, a politically inclined Denver mother, who took her multiple protests to Twitter.

“Hey feminists, doesn’t this objectify women. Hello? Anyone?” responded Christian Cama, a conservative Florida lobbyist and founder of the Reaganista.com blog.

The insurance company in question entered the social media fray to defend itself. The underwear model outreach was “a light-hearted event to call attention to a serious issue: 829 thousand uninsured Coloradans,” the company responded in its own tweet.


“Let’s imagine that America is invaded by aliens. They vaporize Congress and melt down the Statue of Liberty. What does President Obama do? He hits the campaign trail,” says historian Tim Stanley, a columnist with The Guardian. He imagines Mr. Obama exhorting the crowd as Barbra Streisand sings the national anthem and Martian hordes fire ray guns at liberal students.

Mr. Stanley is particularly irked that campaign speeches are still going on as the shutdown continues, when there should be serious and productive talks about a compromise. The president never stops making stump speeches.

“That’s what Obama does in the middle of any crisis. He doesn’t confront events head on like a mature leader should — particularly a mature leader in the middle of his second term with no more elections to run in. No. Obama goes out and campaigns. And he’s doing it right now,” Mr. Stanley observes.

“If his presidency is low on accomplishments and high on disappointment then this is why. He not only underperforms for the majority of Americans in his day-to-day work, but he also misleads his base with angry rhetoric that promises the Earth and usually delivers nothing,” he continues.

“Herein lies the paradox of this presidency: Obama gets very little done, yet still manages to exhaust us all in the process. Three more years to go,” the historian says with a sigh.


“Texas is a place where we aim high and take big risks.”

— Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis, a pro-choice Democrat, on announcing she would run for governor of the Lone Star State, from a high school gym in Haltom City, a suburb of Fort Worth.

“Texas is pro God, pro family, pro life and pro guns.”

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