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— sign carried by Davonia Leach, among a crowd of 40 protesters just outside the gym.


Gov. Scott Walker is definitely staying in Wisconsin and seeing to the very local, grass-roots business of his state, a smart strategy for those who might pursue, say, the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Behold, this new headline from the governor’s office:

“Glad to announce the 2013 Cow of the Year at the World Dairy Expo.”

Indeed, Mr. Walker was there to do the honors, in red work shirt and blue jeans, congratulating the cow’s owner, and of course, the bovine in question, who is a Jersey cow by the name of Ambition Hercules Jordan.


“My other car is a college tuition.”

— Bumper sticker spotted in Harrisburg, Pa.


While budget negotiations in the nation’s capital meander toward a destination, one Florida Republican has a very blunt warning for the Obama administration about Iran, despite all the cordial news about President Obama’s recent phone call with Iranian President Hasan Rouhani.

“This is who we’re negotiating with. We’re not negotiating with Belgium. We’re not negotiating with Luxembourg. We are negotiating with a government, a country run by evil liars,” Sen. Marco Rubio told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday.

“And when you negotiate with evil liars, all your lines have to be clearly marked out and the verifications have to be stronger. I mean we are dealing with some very dangerous people here,” he said.

Sixty-four percent of Israelis, incidentally, think Iran will build a nuclear bomb, this according to MidGam/Tel Aviv University survey of more than 500 Israelis released Thursday.


Dialing for depravity? There’s more than a glitch involved in the great national campaign to get Americans to sign up for Obamacare. The new toll-free consumer number associated with the Affordable Care Act uses an unfortunate sequence of numbers that unfortunately spells out 1/800-F***-YO.

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