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“Rain is forecast at this stage for Sunday, and maybe more than rain, we don’t know what’s coming,” Vettel said. “The package is strong no matter where we go, so we are confident.”

Wild weather could deliver the kind of upset result that is needed to breathe new life into the championship, but Alonso said heavy rain may not help Ferrari much either.

“You never know in wet races who will be the lucky one in that situation,” Alonso said. “With the downforce they (Red Bull) have, in wet conditions they should be stronger.”

Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen could be a threat in any conditions, but the Finn isnt’ even sure he’ll be able to start Sunday’s race because of a lingering back injury, saying he will decide after Friday’s practice sessions.

“Once we drive tomorrow I will know more,” Raikkonen said, adding that “it would be pointless coming here if I didn’t race.”