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There was something different about this kid last year. He had a confidence about him that only increased with every opportunity and every big moment. To see Spieth reminded Phil Blackmar of his early days on the PGA Tour, especially his first major at Cherry Hills for the PGA Championship.

“I’m playing with Hale Irwin,” Blackmar said in a recent interview. “I had never played with him. The eighth hole is a par 3, and we had to wait on the group ahead of us. I was minding my business, and he comes over, looks up at me and turns to the crowd and says, `He doesn’t have it. You can tell by the look in his eyes.’

“So I said, `How in the hell can he tell? He can’t see this high.’ And Hale turned bright red,” Blackmar said. “But what he said was true. You can tell something about guys that are on the right side of the edge. There’s something about their body language, their facial expression. Jordan has that. He would have had a similar response. To me, he has that same sort of makeup.”

Spieth didn’t do anything after the Presidents Cup when he returned home to Dallas. He is moving into a new house he bought, which took up his time. He is starting a workout program to get stronger as he prepares for the big events. And even though he couldn’t stop talking about meeting with Texas coach Mack Brown the night before a 36-20 win over the Sooners, perhaps the most important day of his break was with coach Cameron McCormick.

They looked over his statistics and tried to identify strengths and weakness. They set new goals _ again.

“Overall short game, wedge work, long irons,” Spieth said. “What we said is if I take the same routine and spent a little extra time _ maybe an hour a day, 30 minutes, whatever it is _ and work around the greens, it will be a better year.”