- - Thursday, October 31, 2013


In “Big business declares war on Tea Party” (Web, Oct. 28), the notion is set forth that businesses are at odds with the Tea Party, particularly the efforts in Congress to defund or delay implementation of Obamacare. If true, I suggest that businessmen rethink their position.

The Tea Party is a grass-roots uprising whose genesis was prompted by opposition to the principles of the Democrats in power. These principles — enlarging government, budget deficits and debt, raising taxes and energy costs, and expanding unsustainable entitlements — are antithetical to economic growth. Economic growth is the key to the success of businesses, their owners and employees and to solving the unemployment and deficit problems — provided it is accompanied by entitlement reform and spending restraint.

Obamacare is the poster child for destructive government regulation that will dampen growth and expand government control, severely damaging our country and many of its businesses. An aggressive effort to eliminate or delay implementation and in the process highlight this damage for all to see was worth doing. It required Democrats to support Obamacare and favorably changed the outcome of the continuing resolution and “debt-ceiling” negotiations.

The argument that elevating the dispute over Obamacare as it was being launched was harmful flies in the face of today’s headlines. In truth, the Tea Party principles are squarely in line with business prosperity. Let’s recognize this.


Great Falls



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