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In May, Mr. Obama reiterated that he intends to close the facility, though little progress has been made.

“Despite your personal commitment and engagement, the population at Guantanamo over the past four months has been reduced by only two detainees, moving only from 166 to 164,” reads a letter signed by the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Presbyterian Church and other groups.

The letter puts additional pressure on the president, during his final years in office, to finally address the prison.

But following through on his promise will be much easier said than done, according to Mr. Hafetz.

“He said he has to close Guantanamo, but he’s also defended Guantanamo as lawful. Ironically, Guantanamo is probably more viable now than it was in 2008 as a policy option,” he said.