- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It’s astonishing how efficient the federal government can suddenly become when it’s not working. Within minutes of the shutdown, the National Park Service had done everything short of putting a tarpaulin over the Grand Canyon to score a political point for the Democrats and President Obama.

“No government? No Lincoln Memorial, no World War II Memorial, no Hains Point,” they seemed to be saying. They even put a pathetic little barrier across the Capital Crescent Trail, a potholed, tree-rooted bike path that hasn’t seen a dollar or moment’s notice from the Park Service in years — until now, of course. They even closed a road, Beach Drive, in the Washington area because it traverses Rock Creek Park.

Worse, the federal government tells us this is all for our own good, that bad things happen to closed but otherwise empty swaths of paths, parks and memorials. Really? Last time I checked, they had the Park Police to guard closed memorials. Now these same police can’t look after open memorials, too?

The parks and memorials of this country belong to the taxpayers. We bought them to commemorate our servicemen and -women, not to commemorate the politicized pencil pushers of the National Park Service.

There needs to be an immediate congressional investigation into the motives and manner of these closures by the National Park Service. Methinks Smokey Bear is in bed with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats.





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