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One Chinese blogger said the Chinese should be ashamed because in the United States “every penny of the public’s money must be spent with the people’s consent.”

By contrast, China’s collective dictatorship controls all financial decisions.


A senior Obama administration said Secretary of State John F. Kerry will raise China’s theft of U.S. technology through cyberattacks during a meeting scheduled Thursday in Brunei with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

“The cyberissue falls very squarely into economic agenda because, as we have pointed out repeatedly, the use of cyber as a means of theft of American commercial technology and intellectual property represents a significant problem in our economic relationship,” the senior official told reporters traveling with Mr. Kerry to dual meetings of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the East Asia Summit.

China’s cyberattacks against U.S. government and corporate targets has cost the United States an estimated $140 billion in lost data, according to government and industry estimates.

The U.S. official also said another key topic will be Chinese encroachment in the South China Sea, which has rattled Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and other states in the region that fear growing Chinese hegemony.

The 18 ASEAN member states will discuss resolving disputes in the South China Sea, including “the role of the United States as a long-standing champion of security and stability in the region and as an advocate for the rule of law, peaceful resolution of disputes, freedom of navigation, and the principle of unimpeded lawful commerce,” the official said.

“Now this is an area of, by and large, violent agreement between ASEAN and the United States,” the official said, later clarifying that use of the term “violent” means “strong.”


Al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula affiliate plans to launch a cartoon as a way to recruit jihadists and promote terrorist propaganda.

The announcement of the cartoon was posted on a website Saturday announcing that the production will be produced by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terrorist group now operating in Saudi Arabia and Yemen that is viewed by U.S. officials as one of the most dangerous al Qaeda offshoots vying for power in the Middle East.

The launching of the cartoon shows that the Islamist group is continuing to seek recruits and spread its propaganda, especially among young people.

The cartoon announcement appears on the Al-Minbar al-Ilami Jihadist Forum. The posting stated in Arabic: “Soon: Large Scale Cartoon Production — The Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.”

It includes images showing the black al Qaeda flag and masked cartoon characters firing AK-47 assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

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