- - Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So, someone told the Park Police to make life difficult for us citizens, and they complied (“The cheap tricks of the game,” Commentary, Oct. 3).

What part of the Park Police’s job description includes harassing the people they’re supposed to protect? What ordinances were they enforcing when they blocked access to spaces that are routinely left open? What regulations required that they put barriers up around normally unattended monuments? What legal precedents compelled them to invalidate binding contracts and remove people from the homes and businesses built on federal lands that had been legally leased? What part of their oath of office obliged them to act like hired thugs?

I once thought those police officers were proud to serve a higher cause. Now I know their loyalties are not to the law, the Constitution or the people, but merely to serve and protect those in power. Did it occur to anyone in the chain of command to refuse an unlawful order?

Congratulations, Park Police. You’ve crossed one threshold. After you start roughing people up on command, you’ll be ready to graduate to your brown shirts.


Riverview, Fla.



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