- - Wednesday, October 9, 2013


“Dems turns against Dems in D.C.; city outraged congressional Democrats are blocking city funding” (Web, Oct. 7) gives us a peek behind the political curtain. The threat of presidential vetoes, together with party pressure, have put a metaphorical strait jacket on the Senate, with even red-state Democrats being forced to march in lockstep to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s tune.

So instead of a free debate and votes on proposals that could help alleviate the current impasse, there exists only the rigidity of party discipline within the caucus. When red-state and nearly red-state voters elect Democrats with a conservative bent, those elected officials cannot avoid having to carry water for the liberal agenda of their national party when they get to Washington. The hope or expectation that sending a conservative Democrat to Congress would lead to some moderation in the overwhelmingly liberal Democratic Party is simply delusional. It only adds to the power of their liberal base.



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