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54 percent of Jewish Israelis say the United States’ position in the Middle East will be “strengthened” if President Obama takes military action against Syria.

21 percent said U.S. status will not be affected by a military strike; 14 percent believe it will be “diminished.”

26 percent of Arab Israelis say U.S. status will be strengthened if there is a strike on Syria; 20 percent believe the status will remain unaffected; 34 percent say the status of the U.S. will be diminished.

46 percent of Jewish Israelis think Syrian President Bashar Assad will attack Israel if the U.S. stages a military strike on Syria; 42 percent think Mr. Assad will not attack.

40 percent of Arab Israelis believe Mr. Assad will attack Israel; 47 percent believe he will not.

Source: An Israel Democracy Institute-Tel Aviv University survey of 601 adults in Israel conducted Aug. 27-28.

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