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So in fairness to the defense, it was on the field way too much. That’s trouble in any situation. It is particularly troubling when the defense doesn’t quite have a handle on what it is doing.

“We’ve never really seen that type of offense,” outside linebacker Brian Orakpo said. It’s fairly new, it’s intriguing.”

Orakpo agreed with Riley “to a certain extent” that the speed with which the Eagles attack was even faster than expected.

“Adrenalin is rushing, anxiety, theyre moving the ball so fast the first 15-20 plays, bam, bam, bam. Once we were able to settle down, we were able to make some plays and get off the field. Next time we play this team, that’s how we have to start the game.”

That’s not until Nov. 17, and the Redskins have plenty more to worry about between now and then. They go to Green Bay (also 0-1) on Sunday, which isn’t an easy assignment. Ryan Kerrigan, the third-year player who is Orakpo’s counterpart at outside linebacker, was being evaluated for a concussion after Monday’s game. His absence if he is unable to go would be huge.

“This is very frustrating,” Riley said. “We believe we have the talent, the team, the coaching staff to win every game this season. We came here thinking we were going to dominate and that wasn’t the case. It is very disappointing.”