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Putting yourself in an 0-2 hole is just not a good idea to start that obstacle course. Yet it is the reality the Redskins face. Their schedule isn’t a light one. The future holds another game against the Eagles, two against the Giants, two against the Cowboys. There’s a trip to Denver, a visit from San Francisco, a trip to Atlanta.

They can’t worry about all that yet. They can’t hope they’ll have had a chance to figure out this Kelly-inspired Eagles offense by the time the teams meet again on Nov. 17 (or hope they can copy a team that does). They can’t worry about Peyton Manning and the Broncos or Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers or Matt Ryan and the Falcons — let alone Eli Manning and the Giants twice.

They have to worry about Rodgers, the Packers and figuring out a way to not be 0-2. As rough as Tuesday morning may have been for Redskins fans, Monday will be more than doubly rough if 0-2 becomes a reality.