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“He’s a distributor,” Meyer said Wednesday of Guiton. “He’s a manager and he’s looked pretty good.”

Guiton faltered until leading a dramatic 61-yard touchdown drive in the last minute, then completing a two-point conversion pass to force overtime. The Buckeyes ended up winning that game 29-22 and went on to a 12-0 season.

Meyer said earlier this week that he has no lingering doubts about whether Miller can play through minor pain.

“No. (It’s) obvious that quarterbacks at times get hit, especially Braxton, who is a fearless player,” Meyer said. “I just think we always have to have Plan B (Guiton) ready.”

Tight end Jeff Heuerman said fans have no reason to question Miller’s toughness.

“You’re going to get bumps and bruises. You’re going to have things not always go your way. There’s no reason to be concerned,” he said. “Braxton plays a huge role in this offense, especially with his legs. So he’s moving around a lot, he’s throwing the ball, he’s got a bunch of reads. Sometimes things don’t go as planned; he took a shot and his knee twisted up a little bit. But he’ll be fine. I don’t think there’s any major concern about the way he plays. He’s a dynamic, incredible athlete.”


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