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“He’s a playful guy,” Gonzalez said. “He likes to have fun on the mound, and we like to have fun, too. If he’s going to play that way, which is fine, he shouldn’t get upset when we hit a home run and have fun ourselves.”

After the game, a chastened Fernandez said he had gotten carried away amid the emotions of his final game. He sought out McCann and Braves pitcher Mike Minor and apologized to them.

“I thought the way he handled it was perfect,” Redmond said. “And we’re moving on. It was a learning experience. Unfortunately what gets overshadowed is the year he has had, and how great he has been. We should be talking about him for Rookie of the Year instead.”

In the aftermath of the episode, Redmond drew from criticism from some baseball pundits for not supporting his player.

“If you’re only watching two clips of that game, I could see how they could say whatever,” Redmond said. “But if you’re around here and in this clubhouse every day … We’re a young team. We’re 30-some games under .500. We’re teaching guys to respect the game and play the game the right way. I think it’s a teaching moment for Josie. And he understands where I’m coming from.”


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