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As negotiators met in Switzerland on the unfolding crisis, Mr. Kerry appeared to concede the diplomatic reins to the Russians, who are insisting that the U.S. withdraw its threat of missile strikes before the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad agrees to give up its chemical weapons stockpile.

Putin sends message to America: You are not exceptional” target=”_blank”>Putin sends message to America: You are not exceptional

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s barely subtle message to America — that we are hardly exceptional — as relayed in an op-ed on The New York Times’ website has sparked some serious fire, including a reaction from a senator who said the piece nearly made him vomit.

Mr. Putin wrote the Wednesday op-ed in response to President Obama’s address to the nation on Syria, during which he said America’s motivation to act on behalf of ailing nations is “what makes us exceptional.”

New popemobile? Pope Francis gets 1984 Renault 4 with a stick shift

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis now has his own mini popemobile after getting a good deal on a used car that he plans to drive himself. Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, says Francis accepted the 1984 Renault 4, donated for free by a priest in northern Italy who used it to visit poor parishioners.

The four-door car, in papal white, is manual shift and has a new engine. Benedettini told The AP on Wednesday: “The pope intends to drive it.”

Obama: He’s the ‘gift from hell’” target=”_blank”>James Woods on Obama: He’s the ‘gift from hell’

It’s a safe bet there’s no love lost between Hollywood actor James Woods and President Obama — the former has taken to Twitter several times over the last few months to trash the policies and politics of the latter.

The latest came this week, in response to a report from British press that revealed the National Security Agency commonly provides Israel with intelligence data — without first stripping out private and personal information on American citizens. The Guardian in London reported the item, the latest in its coverage of document leaks from Edward Snowden.

Mr. Woods unleashed his views of the matter — and of Mr. Obama’s role in allowing the practice to occur — on Twitter.

He wrote: “Report: Data on Americans shared with Israel … Obama: the gift from hell that keeps on giving.”


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